Social Media Networking

As little as five short years ago, the term “social media” was virtually unused, and leaned more toward places like MySpace, chat rooms, and topic forums, and were frequently mostly by teenagers. In the current Internet environment however, social media hosts a vibrant community of online social networks connecting our world in unimaginable ways. Everything from education, to science has reaped the benefits that are built-in to the online social environment.

When used as a tool, and not as a gimmicky marketing ploy, the use of social media networking becomes a viable method for connecting with like-minded people all over the world. In a global marketplace, this is an invaluable position to occupy.

Social media operates under the same guidelines as face-to-face meetings with business associates and potential clients and customers does. When you meet someone in person, you learn about them, interact with them, discover what kinds of things they like and dislike, talk to them about their work, families, and hobbies, and get to know them on the level that they will feel comfortable and confident using your product or service.

This process is no different online. In connecting with others in the online arena, it is more important than in person even to generate conversation, interaction, and a genuine interest in the people you are meeting. Because if you are not able to connect with them and put-aside the ‘hard sell’ tactics in favor of human sympathy, support, and collaboration, someone else will.

Contact Rob for an evaluation of where your social media campaign is going (or has been), and to discuss the very affordable options he can provide in social media networking packages.

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